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Interested in writing for us? is always looking for writers interested in sharing their knowledge in Anthroposophy. Do you have any experience and ideas that will enlighten our readers and spread the information of Steiner’s philosophy? Tell us all about it. 

We strive to bring readers a higher perspective on the topic that brings interest and enlightenment. 

What we look for:

You can send your outlines and a rough draft to us, or even a pitch that summarizes the article as to how it relates to our site and readers. The more complete your content submission is, the better feedback you will have. It is important to understand that will only accept content that is original and do not repost any articles that have already been published anywhere else – including your site. 

Before you Submit, please consider that that your content includes the following: 

  • Article must have a thesis with a clear argument
  • Has a bold, interesting, and most importantly – a human voice
  • Well-written and researched
  • Supports the arguments displays in the content
  • Must be well-checked with facts and the appropriate resources

What we publish on 


Large features are usually around 1,000 – 2,500 words. This means all content and editorial criteria and illustration. 


Articles are written in a more casual tone. This is ideal for personal experiences and opinions and less-intensive posts. 


Short content is ideal for mere mentions on books or anything related to Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. 

All content must be well-explored and consider the current topics we examine on our page. Please email us your submission so our editors can provide easy feedback and guidance to help you complete your draft.