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Home > advertise offers various ways to guide you in promoting your brand and deliver your message out to our large subscription of readers. 

Stripe Ad

The stripe advertisement will display a promotional text that will appear on the higher position of the site itself. As the first view to load on site, the stripe ad will be the first image viewers will notice when visiting the site. The advertisement may have up to forty characters. 

Premium Ad Sponsorship

The premium ad will appear on the top of the given site. The banner will not be able to reach larger than 30k in size. The animation is allowed. 

Embedded Ad Sponsorship

The embedded ad will appear on each page on the site. The promotion will be placed in the lineup to show up more often. This will not larger than twenty-five K. With the use of Animation will be acceptable. 

125 x 125 Button Sponsorship

The button will be shown on every page on our site, located under the primary head sponsors. The positions of the button will be placed at random as we strive to give all of our advertisers exposure. The size cannot be larger than fifteen k.  

Sponsored Tweets & Post

Anthroposophy accepts sponsored posts and tweets. The goal is to create a following to get you a high return on investment. Please note that all sponsored posts will receive an automatic sponsored tweet.

Each of our ads is sold on a monthly basis using subscription. Unless you decide to cancel the subscription, the ads will auto renew.