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We are a community driven fellowship that provides helpful resources and information for our readers interesting in the philosophy of freedom that was established by founder Rudolf Steiner.

Our aim is to provide a suitable mean of communication for followers of Anthroposophy. We provide news, articles, and all things involved in anthroposophy.

What is Anthroposophy?

It is a source of spiritual knowledge and practice of inner development. Through training, one may seek the knowledge of the relationship between human beings and the spiritual world by searching for insights and answers that may come from one’s inner life.

Anthroposophy is built from the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner, who stated that human beings (Anthropos) have the inner wisdom (Sophia) to solve life’s mysteries of existence and transformation of their self and society. Through the spiritual being of Anthroposophia, we are designed to understand and follow.

Anthroposophy is a human-related spiritual philosophy that reflects on the profound questions of spiritual humanity – from our needs, relations with the world itself, development in complete freedom, and the scientific attitude of our minds.

Anthroposophy is based on the philosophies of Aristotle, Plat and Thomas Aquinas, with a path of knowledge that is developed by the European idealistic philosophy. It strives to create a bridge between sciences, arts and spiritual strivings that create the human culture to build the foundation for the future.

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